1. Calculation method for occasional services

  • a minimum of 125 kilometers is charged for a half-day bus rental
  • a minimum of 250 kilometers is charged for a full-day bus rental
  • in the case of a higher number of kilometers, the actually traveled kilometers are charged

2. Bus cleaning

  • price: according to the price list of the cleaning service that performs the cleaning (cleaning is charged to the client in case the latter excessively pollutes him due to his behavior)

3. Damage and destruction of things

  • all damage caused by improper use is charged according to the service price list

When making one-day trips, one driver is usually assigned to the vehicle. The total travel time over a 24-hour period should not exceed 13 hours (15 hours twice a week). In the case of a total journey time above a certain time, two drivers are appointed for such a journey or a change of driver is made. However, the total travel time with two drivers must not exceed 21 hours.

In cases where the driving time or the trip is extended through the fault of the client, the client is obliged to cover the costs of another driver.

In both cases, drivers must start a daily rest period of 11 uninterrupted hours after the lapse of time (exceptions of 9 hours are allowed; twice a week).


In the case of contractual cooperation, we offer you more favorable prices and a longer payment period. More detailed calculations are made at the request of the client.

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